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12 Oct
BY T BEROKOFF WELCOME RAVENS AND HENS! This third installment about our raven feeding success is to include a picture of the feeder along with some details about it. Yesterday we had an entire flock of ravens in our grove. By flock I mean between 20-30 ravens! Today it’s raining and I think they must have known to stock up on food. The raven platform has two feeders, one intended for the smaller birds who visit the feeder, such as blue jays, swallows, robins, woodpeckers, an...
Sprint Feed Experiment
by Wiley
04 Feb
Gentleman I have been playing or experimenting with feed god knows since when, I've recently conducted a mixture I am tempted to race on this season for sprinting only. It is very rich in carbohydrates and fats, however low in protein and very easily digestible. I am a big believer in protein should be used on return from racing, maples 100% will be offered to the birds on return and 3 feeds afterwards for repairing the muscles and recovery and then onto the mixture below, opinions would be acce...
Club Law and the Duty of Officials and Delegates
by The Fifer
21 Apr
The most important thing for the good running in any club or organisation is its rules and constitution. These must be adhered to 100%, and in the same way to all members. After all, the rules must ensure that the control of the club is in the hands of the members – who are all part owners of the organisation - through an elected body. The elected body in the sport of racing pigeons comprises of Officials and Delegates. In Scotland clubs are affiliated to a federation, and also the clubs to...
One Loft Website Launched
by Webmaster
04 Dec
I'd just like to let everyone know that the Edinburgh International One Loft Race website (by Pigeonbasics) is now online. The link is: http://www.pigeonbasics.com/oneloft/ We currently have; all the details for the race, and the first news update and photographs from the site. News, and photos will be updated frequently to let you all know how things are progressing.
This weeks race results, every week! - Mini-Site Update
by Webmaster
05 May
Check out this weeks results across the country with the click of a button. The Pigeonbasics.com Mini-Sites have been updated to display all results posted within the week. Also shown are the leading velocity for each race - for easy comparison of clubs with the same liberation. Check out the new this week page.
2006 Online Show
by RWS
25 Nov
As a result of the successful shows held last year, pigeonbasics will once again be holding a series of online pigeon shows in the coming weeks and months. Online Show 2006 Classes No. Name Entries Judging Results 1. YB Racers - Bred in 2006 27th Nov - 3rd Dec 4th Dec - 9th Dec 10th Dec 2. YB Non-Racers - Bred in 2006 4th Dec - 10th Dec 11th Dec - 16th Dec 17th Dec 3. OB Racers 11th Dec - 17th Dec 18th Dec -...
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